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Mori consists of 137 luxury freestanding apartments, in a block of 5/8 floors. With shared facilities on Level 2 and Rooftop (6th Floor), families can spend quality time in activities without leaving home. The condo has a good mix of unit sizes and unit floor plan layouts. The project offers residents a wide range of choices from 1-bedroom apartments with an area of ​​​​484 sqm, ideal for singles and investors, to 4-bedroom apartments with an area of ​​​​1,259 sqft, suitable for residents. suitable for large families. There are also interesting floor plan designs that provide an additional living room or study area. Let's learn some basic information about apartment types now!

1. Mori Condo 1-Bedroom:

Mori Condo 1-Bedroom

Mori Condo 1-Bedroom includes 2 types of apartments, 1-Bedroom and 1-Bedroom + Study, with an area of ​​484 to 592 sqft with a total of 30 apartments. Each apartment is designed with rustic wood tones, calm and luxurious; shows the stylish style of the owner. Currently, the selling price for a 1-bedroom apartment in Mori is about S$1.13 M, equivalent to S$1,909.00 sqft.

2. Mori Condo 2-Bedroom:

Mori Condo 2-Bedroom

Mori Residences 2-Bedroom is flexibly designed with 3 main types of apartments: 2 Bedroom, 2 Bedroom + Study and 2 Bedroom + Guest with a total of 67 apartments. All apartments have large windows in each room and a balcony in the living room area easily receives natural sunlight and fresh air. Mori 2-Bedroom apartments are being sold for around S$1.40M, equivalent to S$1,966.00 sqft.


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3. Mori Condo 3-Bedroom:

Mori Condo 3-Bedroom

Mori Condo 3-Bedroom is designed with 3 main types: 3 Bedroom + Utility, 3 Bedroom and 3 Bedroom + Guest. This is an apartment type with a total of 40 apartments. This is a type of apartment with interior style designed functionally and meticulously throughout the living spaces to create comfort for everyone in the family. The selling price for a 3-bedroom apartment in Mori is currently about S$ 1.68 M from Jan 2022.

4. Mori Condo 4-Bedroom:

Mori Condo 4-Bedroom

As the largest apartment type, Mori Condo 4-Bedroom has only 2 apartments with an area of ​​1259 sqft. The entire interior of Mori 4-bedroom apartments is equipped with prestigious brands in the domestic and foreign markets, bringing the best and most classy experiences to residents when living here. The selling price for a 4-bedroom apartment is currently about S$2.08 M, equivalent to S$1,771.00 sqft.

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