Mori Condo With Recreational Facilities

Mori Condo with an array of facilities lies on the landscape deck, where all residents are invited to peruse and enjoy the space. You and your family can indulge in swimming in the clear waters, and even partake in a leisurely rest as lounging along the lap pool, with a marvelous view in front of them. This feeling strategy boosts the residents, allowing them to view down like they’re amidst the highest point in the valley.

A 25m lap pool is situated within the mid-tier of Mori Condo, the prominence and high position create an alternation of light and shadow, this transparent volume restores the sophistication of the crafted landscape space that will surprise and delight for the powerful linguistic union of architecture and landscape.

The Mori by Roxy-Pacific development suite for those who want to work on their body and soul serenity can stand off the soundness and wellness zone at the perimeter. This area will be a meditation deck for both meditation and yoga. Timber will line this place, and the use of both wood and water will be carefully welded to build a place of balance and quietness for both the senses and the mind.

Roof Terrace at Mori Freehold: Moving up to the Roof Terrace, the go-ahead part of this position is to cook dining in different but equally powerful settings. The design is collected with an intimate scale, allowing pockets of area to provide a sense of order that unifies both exterior and interior.

Besides, conclusive facilities like grill and BBQ stations with shallow spa pools are completely immersed within this area, placing occupants at a level of mingling around the dictated placement of pools and other amenities to maximize the usage within Mori Condo.


Mori Condo comes with a variety of shopping and F&B choices. About well-connection, Mori is located in a location with a convenient transportation network with many MRT nearby. Discover the neighbourhood right here!!!

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Mori Condo Site Plan


Level 1

1. Arrival Lobby
A. Guard House

Level 2

2. Onsen Hideaway
Hot Pool
Cold Pool

3. Ripple Bay Alcove
4. Serenity Pond
5. Floating Island
6. Multi-Fitness Station
7. Projector Lounge
8. Herb Garden
B. Shower Point

Level 6

9. Lap Pool
10. Wellness Pool
11. Sun Loungers
12 Social Lounge
13 Bubble Pool
14. Pool Lounge

15. Hammock Pool
16 Play Pool
17. Pool Cabana
18. Grill and Dine Pavilion
19. Social Dining
20. Kids’ Creative Play

Mori Condo Facilities

Meaning forest in Japanese, Mori is inspired by the modern wabi-sabi philosophy. The art of finding perfection in imperfection, a timeless creation of beauty.

Modern Wabi-Sabi Living

Whatever stage of life you are in — whether you are newly wedded, starting a family, planning for retirement, or enjoying singlehood — there is always beauty and joy to be found.

A good home becomes the foundation for experiencing life, with all its beauty and joy, to the fullest. It is a precious sanctuary away from the hustle and bustle of the everyday. An inner sanctum where life returns to being simple, relaxed and authentic.



A rare collection of 137 freehold homes in Prime District 14.
Urban. Modern. Natural.

  • 3 Exciting Lifestyle Zones
  • 20 Curated Facilities
  • Hot and Cold Onsen Pools
  • 6 Assorted Pools
  • Rooftop Facilities
  • 137 Crafted Residences
  • Generous Open Circulation Spaces
  • Outdoor Terraces



A chic urban lifestyle awaits you at Mori.

Facilities are curated into 3 distinctive zones — MoreSerene, MoreActive, and MoreSocial.

Soothe your senses at the Onsen Hideaway. Re-energize your mind with an invigorating swim at the Rooftop Lap Pool. Have a drink with your closest friends at the Social Lounge.


More Serene

Onsen Hideaway
Nestled amidst lush gardens on the second floor is the Onsen Hideaway. Here, you can take a breather from the stresses of everyday life. Choose between the hot and cold spa and allow your mind to drift off blissfully


More Active

Lap Pool
A morning dip. A mid-day siesta. A sunset swim. The rooftop pool with views of the city is the perfect spot to recharge any time of day. At 23-metre long, you can do laps or work up a tan for that luscious sun-kissed glow.


More Social

Social Lounge
Get into your favourite #holidaymood at the Social Lounge. Invite your friends, share some bubbly, and cheers to all that is worth celebrating in life. #beachvibes in the city #lifeisgood


Consisting of beautiful pools and gardens, the MoreSerene zone lets you immerse yourself in the therapeutic qualities of nature. From the Herb Garden and Floating Island to the Wellness and Hammock Pools, there is always somewhere to escape to whenever you need a little pick-me-up.


Floating Island
Be surrounded by the calmness of the reflective waters as you lounge on the Floating Island. In the day, watch the reflection of passing clouds and landscape in the waters. At night, the masterful use of lights creates a mesmerising scenery.


Bubble Pool
Floating Island
Hammock Pool
Herb Garden
Onsen Hideaway

Pool Cabana
Ripple Bay Alcove
Serenity Pond
Sun Loungers
Wellness Pool


Wellness Pool
Soothe your tired muscles with a relaxing bubble massage at the Wellness Pool. Surrounded by tropical trees and verdant greenery, it’s just like you are on an idyllic, romantic resort getaway.



Multi-Fitness Station
Get some fresh air while hitting your fitness goals at the Multi-Fitness Station. It is equipped with both cardio and strength training machines to help you stay in tip-top shape.


Get set to sweat and boost feelings of happiness and positivity. Whether you want to swim, work out, run or cycle, you can do it all at the MoreActive zone.

Multi-Fitness Station
Kids’ Creative Play
Lap Pool
Play Pool


Kids’ Creative Play and Play Pool
Kids have their own imaginative play areas at Mori too. Arrange a fun playdate for your kids and their friends and watch them climb, slide, hide, splash, laugh and have the time of their lives!

One of the joys of home is that you can share it with family and friends. Other than letting you host memorable dinners and parties, the MoreSocial zone comes with a Projector Lounge and a Pool Lounge for you to invite your friends over to lounge and have a great time.

Grill and Dine Pavilion
Pool Lounge
Projector Lounge
Social Dining
Social Lounge


Grill and Dine Pavilion Social Dining
Bond over great food and drinks at the Grill and Dine Pavilion. Let the conversations flow, share some laughter and watch the sun set over the spectacular city.


Pool Lounge
Unwind with a refreshing G&T or crack open an iced-cold beer and watch the world go by from your breezy rooftop terrace at Mori.


Projector Lounge
Gather a few friends and catch an exciting Iive match at the spacious Projector Lounge, surrounded by lush greenery.


More Views

Mori Condo Interior

More tactile.

At Mori, we have curated 2 interior palettes, each showcasing the beautiful characteristics and tactility of the materials.


Light Scheme
Inspired by nature, this refined selection of finishes gives your interiors a light and airy feel. The versatile palette, centred around neutral and earthy tones, showcases the materials’ unique patterns and textures. This is a home that brims with warmth and authenticity.


Dark Scheme
For a bold and sophisticated look, a dark palette works wonders. This material selection follows a modern, more rugged and textured finish, elegantly representing the timelessness and character of the curated materials, and the beauty that time brings.

Functional, Practical Layout

Mori is designed with practicality in mind. Meticulously considered floor plans let you use the space efficiently no matter which layout or unit type you choose. No wasted or unusable corners, just well-planned and expertly crafted spaces.


Wabi-Sabi Tip #1:
Think about how you can introduce nature into your home. Use indoor plants, flowers, and even seashells or feathers. Pinterest is a wonderful source of inspiration!


Wabi-Sabi Tip #2:
Decorate your home with things that are personal to you. They don’t have to be expensive. They just have to bring a smile to your face.


Mori is a freehold home that can accommodate to your changing needs. Flexible and practical layouts let you reimagine a myriad of lifestyle possibilities by combining or opening up spaces. Whether you prefer a cosy dining nook, turning one of the rooms into a walk-in wardrobe, or winding down with drinks at the balcony, the choice is all yours.





Type C1
Master Bath


Your bedroom is a place of rest and tranquility. Keep the space clutter-free with thoughtfully designed accessory drawers.


Wabi-Sabi Tip #3:
Consider all your five senses. From the smell of freshly toasted croissants to an artfully laid out table setting, little details can make your home feel extra cosy.

Your dream kitchen at Mori comes with generous countertop spaces and pull-out storage to keep things tidy and organised.


Wabi-Sabi Tip #4:
Create pockets of composure. A beautiful adjustable mirror. A candle with your favourite scent. A thoughtfully arranged bouquet.

Whether you are starting or ending the day, a well-fitted bathroom brings focus and calm to your mind.


Wabi-Sabi Tip #5:
Decluttering not only saves you time and money, it also helps you make space for the things you really love.

Enjoy functional and efficient storage spaces that have been thoughtfully designed for your everyday needs. Not too much such that it’s a waste of space, and not too little such that it’s not enough. Here, everything is just right.



Smarter Home Gateway

Make life easier with a seamlessly connected smart home. From a smart lock and security system to a smart hub that lets you control your devices from your mobile phone, your home at Mori is equipped to make your everyday more convenient.

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