Overview of facilities area at Mori - A project is inspired by the Japanese concept of wabi-sabi

Mori at Guillemard Road belongs to the ‘newest’ generation of enbloc sales, developed by Roxy Pacific. With Mori being inspired by the Japanese concept of wabi-sabi and offering a differentiated facade from its competitors, it will be an interesting project to watch out for.

It must be said from the outset that Mori Condo's overall facade gives it a different vibe from the rest of the apartments in the vicinity. As for the name of the development, Mori, it translates to "forest" in Japanese and plays on the site's address at Jalan Molek. The development continues its pun by looking to achieve More Serenity, More Dynamic and More Social through different areas as stated in their marketing material.

Mori provides a single lane entrance off Guillemard Road with the presence of a watchtower. The single lane serves both Mori and residents of Guillemard Suites, so it can get a bit congested during rush hour. If you're wondering where your baby will end up, you're probably not alone. Vehicles will depart via Jalan Molek, and this is possible due to land constraints of Mori condo.

Mori Residences facilities are spread out on levels 2 and 6 and to grow to this scale I think Roxy-Pacific has done a great job of packing as many facilities as possible. Start with Level 6 first, and you'll notice that all the facilities are found on the front facing Guillemard Road. That should come as no surprise as this offers views of Singapore Sports Center in the southwest direction.

If you want to delve deeper into the details of Mori Condo's impressive architecture and design, you can find out more at Mori Condo Concept or Landscape for a broader perspective on this project!

Mori Condo: Lap pool

Mori Condo: Lap pool

Mori Condo with Pavilion

Mori Condo: Pavilion

Sukabumi stone mosaic tiles will form the background of the pool and the landscaping will be done around the pool, making it quite a pleasant sight on your terrace. There will also be some outdoor seating for residents to enjoy.

Nearby is the Social Lounge, a comfortable sitting area surrounded by Bubble Pool, Play Pool and Hammock Pool. You'll love the sunken cases as they always give a 'floating' feel and that's not a common feature, especially on a small project.

In particular, there is more than one swimming pool for some types and that pool is obviously for proper swimming, while the other is for residents just to relax. Continuing with the relaxing theme, there are also a few cottages around for you to chill around.

Let's find out Modern Wabi-Sabi Living at Mori Condo


In Mori, there are 2 separate food stalls located adjacent to each other. Grill & Dine Pavilion looks completely sheltered while Social Dining opens to the sky. The whole terrace looks very cozy and aesthetically pleasing.

Surrounding the sunken lobby is the Pool Lounge, which offers pool chairs and a bar that can accommodate both land and pool guests. Again, that's a pretty unique feature here, so it's really great for the developers for making sure there's a personal touch when developing Mori. There won't be a bartender closing the door to serve you drinks, but on days when you're having a party, I suppose you're welcome to invite one to do so.

Move up to Level 2 and I'll start with the Projector Lounge, just above the entrance of the apartment. The couch and long table suggest that you could easily have a fun movie/football night party here with some wine and pizza. The rich foliage against the nature-inspired backdrop also makes this space look quite cozy and welcoming.

On the other hand, other amenities on Level 2 include a multi-purpose exercise station, which is essentially an outdoor gym. This is a design with a convenient feature when the current situation of the covid-19 epidemic is happening.

Mori Condo @ Pool Canbana

Mori Condo: Pool Canbana

Mori Condo with Pool Lounge

Mori Condo: Pool Lounge

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