Mori Condo Architect and Civil & Structural Engineer by Ronny Chin Architects Pte. Ltd and CMP Consultants Pte. Ltd: The pinnacle of timeless prestige

Mori is a newly launched freelance private development, located at Guillemard Road, Singapore. Designed by Ronny Chin Architects Pte. Ltd and technical advice by CMP Consultants Pte. Ltd, MORI is set to become an iconic development in the vicinity, with convenience and accessibility for its residents.

Mori Condo Architect: Ronny Chin Architects Pte. Ltd - one of the leading architectural firms in Singapore

Mori Condo was designed by Ronny Chin Architects Pte. Ltd, an architecture firm with a team of dedicated and proficient professionals. The main emphasis of this approach is on communication and achieving Design Excellence. As a dynamic and hands-on organization, RCA has worked on many projects. The company has accepted and completed many challenging projects of different types and sizes. RCA is always doing its best to create innovative and sustainable architectural design with progress using modern technology for better customer satisfaction.

Mori Condo by Ronny Chin Architects' team

Mori Condo by Ronny Chin Architects' team



Mori Condo Civil & Structural Engineer: CMP Consultants Pte. Ltd - one of Singapore's leading engineering consulting firms

Mori Residences is one of the projects that were consulted by CMP Consultants Pte. Ltd. Established in 1961 as a subsidiary of Crooks Michell Peacock & Stewart of Australia, the company has grown and evolved into a mature and fully tried local practice. CMP Consultants Pte Ltd is a Company licensed under the Professional Engineers (PE) Act. The company is licensed to provide both C&S and M&E professional engineering services. It is also an Accredited Accredited Testing Organization (ACO). CMP is registered under the Public Sector Advisory Board (PSPC) and accredited under ISO 9000:2008, ISO 14001:2004 and BizSAFE.

Mori Condo Civil & Structural Engineer- CMP Consultants Pte. Ltd - board of directors

Mori Condo Civil & Structural Engineer- CMP Consultants Pte. Ltd - board of directors

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